No one could have escaped the canceled festivals this year. The ones that everyone look forward to every year. So, to remedy the current comics withdrawal, two of the spring festivals partnered up with Hybriden and Fosfor to bring you comics galore: SIS (Stockholms Internationella Seriefestival) and Seriefest!

Botanise among the exhibitors’ virtual tables, experience all the new zines, prints and stickers that’ve been self-published this year! And oh! You’re able to to do it 24/7 from your own home!

The Digital Comics Fair 2020 lasts May 15 – June 15, and we’ll still be here when it’s over. SIS will have a digital festival on May 30-31 and will stream prerecorded and live content with Swedish and international comics creators. Visit Kulturhuset Stadsteatern for more info.

Fosfors amazing festival image is created by Sajan Rai!

Scroll down for info about Fosfor, SIS and Seriefest.

Digital Comics Fair 2020: The Exhibitors


CBK works for a more varied and exciting comics culture in Sweden and on
the international scene. We publish the international comics anthology
CBA, arrange exhibitions, the AltCom comics festival and other cultural
We want to push the boundaries of what can be done in comics, expand
what the medium is and can be, both in relation to itself and to other
art forms.
We run the exhibition space/comic shop Hybriden in Malmö together with
Tusen Serier, and the Fosfor zine distro.

Examples from the exhibition table:

Wormgod is the unwanted weed growing out of the field of corpses that is
the nation state. Tired of a mainstream culture that dilutes everything
to make it easier to swallow, we don’t believe in speaking to the lowest
common denominator, but prefer to move in subcultures and
transgressions. Inspired by this world we create art that is both escape
and reminder, like the TRAUMA noise festival, art exhibitions and books
with and without soundtrack, 3D effects or just simple stories/pictures.

Examples from the exhibition table:
Kinga Dukaj

Kinga Dukaj is an autodidact artist and web designer dabbling in various
mediums. She’s a part of CBK, and Tusen Serier; working to integrate
non-swedish comics into the Swedish comics scene, and working with the
Zine-workshop in Malmö called Fanzineverkstaden.

Examples from the exhibition table:

Leviatan (Caroline Ulvros) is a deep sea creature with an urge to destroy all humanity, driven to instead express itself through comics by improvements in submarine missiles. Autodidact living in Malmö and creating black and white comics at every chance for the last 20 years or so, but mostly in Swedish thus far.

Examples from the exhibition table:
Sajan Rai

British illustrator creating absurdist comics – including one written in Swedish which Sajan is terrible at. Also writes and illustrates haiku poems all documenting a world in a non-linear fashion – which its heavily fantasy/sci-fi flavoured but a lot less euro-centric, in themes and style.

Examples from the exhibition table:
Raquel Lozano

Raquel Lozano is a writer with a secret wish to be a working class hero. There’s only one problem: she seriously hates to work. An anti-social socialist who wants anarchy for the world but doesn’t believe in it because there are too many humans involved. The biggest inspiration is hate, without it she wouldn’t know what to write.

Examples from the exhibition table:
Lisa Örtlund

Lisa Örtlund makes somewhat self-biographical comics. She likes to keep things light while diving into the darks, and nurtures a love-hate relationship with nonsense.

Examples from the exhibition table:
Felipe Kolb Bernardes

Felipe Kolb Bernardes is a Brazilian / German artist who moved to Sweden after living nine years in Japan. He is a passionate illustrator and storyteller, an optimistic and lively person who loves games.

Examples from the exhibition table:
Julia Nascimento

Julia Nascimento is a Brazilian illustrator and comics creator. Currently based in Sweden, she self-publishes her comics and visual stories, creates illustrations and prints, and experiments with risograph. She is the co-founder of ToCo – the Tokyo Collective, which publishes anthologies of illustrated narratives about the Japanese metropolis.

Examples from the exhibition table:
Jan Hoff
Stefan Johansson
Elin Alskog
Sebastian Ericson
Aiden Kvarnström

Aiden Kvarnström likes drawing comics inspired by folklore, history, surrealism and punk. These comics normally don’t fit into any one genre, but tend to drift towards the weird and fictional.

Examples from the exhibition table:
Ola Forssblad, Home Made Comics
Sthlm Zine Scene

Sthlm Zine Scene is a celebration of self-publishing based in Stockholm, Sweden. It is a meeting place for zine makers and zine lovers.

Examples from the exhibition table:
Julia Magnusson
Steve Nyberg
Yvette Gustafsson
Janne Karlsson
Kristin Eklund
Per Myrhill
Adrian Malmgren
Ylva Oknelid
Tusen Serier

Tusen Serier wants to open up the Swedish comics culture to make it a
bit less Swedish. We want a greater variety in voices and perspectives,
something that was missing in a homogenous publishing climate in a
segregated Sweden. We do this mainly through publishing, workshops and
exhibitions. We also organize the AltCom comics festival, run the
exhibition space/comic shop Hybriden with CBK, and Fanzineverkstaden, a
collective workshop for selfpublishing comics creators.

Examples from the exhibition table:
Mattias Elftorp

Malmö-based artist working in genres/themes such as cyberpunk,
postapocalypse and antiracism. Trying his best to make life in general
less shitty through telling stories and drawing stuff.
Creator of Piracy is Liberation, The Troll, Me & my Daddy & Zlatan, Arg
Kanin etc. Active in CBK, Wormgod and Tusen Serier. Organizer of the
AltCom festival and working with Fanzineverkstaden and the Fosfor zine

Examples from the exhibition table:
Elise Esposito

I am a french artist currently based in Malmö, Sweden. My work often pictures simple daily life moments as an invitation to pause, slow down, reflect and contemplate. With my stories and images, I aim to create meaningful pockets of joy and beauty. I do everything by hand. What I create is the result of a lifestyle made of movement, conversations, curiosity, travels, prayers and introspection. I am here to channel those pieces and give them a physical form that will contribute to the collective. Currently working on a graphic novel called Joy.

Examples from the exhibition table:
Henrik Kublick

I am a self taught artist from Denmark.

Examples from the exhibition table:
Dr. Bert Barock

Doktor Bert Barock är en undergroundtecknare och konstnär vars idévärld vilar tungt på en humortradition inom svensk nöjeshistoria. Med sitt högtravande vokabulär i högsta hugg skildrar han sina fullkomligt förvridna fantasier, gestaltat genom ett rått formspråk där teknologi, gammaldags miljöer och kufiskt vältrande i subkulturella fenomen är vanliga inslag.

Examples from the exhibition table:
Jacob Habinc
Robin Ragnarsson
Ebba Gideon Sörman
William Lillstjärna
Don Arvidsson
Johan Ragnarsson
Liza Shkirando
Helena Strömberg
Saskia Gullstrand
Mattis Telin
Margarida Ferreira
Stefan Petrini
Tinet Elmgren
Plutonium Comics
Liquid Lilium
Max Björkman
Ulrika Balla, Ballamanga
Andreas Rosengren
Nosebleed Studio
Lars Krantz


Fosfor Fanzinedistro
Fosfor is a non-profit distribution system for comics zines. It’s part of the Hybriden webshop and is run by the non-profit cultural association CBK in collaboration with Tusen Serier and Fanzineverkstaden. Our goal is to be a platform for comics creators who normally find it difficult to reach larger audiences and to strengthen the general culture of comics self-publishing.

Stockholms Internationella Seriefestival, SIS, is an annual comics festival and comics market. It takes place in Stockholm, with Serieteket as main organiser and Kulturhuset as the festival centre.

Malmö Seriefest is a comics festival with focus on selfpublishing comics creators. It normally takes place at the Malmö City Library, where participants are selling their comics and present their work on stage. This time you’ll find their works here at Fosfor instead, and we’re looking forward to the regular festival’s return in 2021!