Cover by Lisa Örtlund
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Where were you born? Where are you from? When these questions are asked really what the person means often is, who are you?

In this exhibition we want you to ask yourselves some questions. Who are humanity as a collective consciousness? Where do we come from? All these little specks of life in this big dark space of nothing, and for what?

Artists: Ana Biscaia [PT], Ivana Geček [HR], Mattias Elftorp [SE], Ivana Filipović [RS/CA], Henrik Rogowski [SE], Leviathan [SE], Lisa Örtlund [SE]

This exhibition is presented with support from

The Queen of Chaos by Henrik Rogowski
The Word by Mattias Elftorp
The Passenger by Ivana Geček
To be Continued... by Ivana Filipović
Puella A by Ana Biscaia
Kushim by Leviathan

Normally, we would show our exhibitions at our physical exhibition space Hybriden, but this time we’re trying something else. What you see here is art/comics pages from CBA vol 49, one of the latest issue of the international comics anthology.

89 kr

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