When will I receive my order?
You place your order through the website
We make an order from the exhibitor/s
The exhibitor/s ship their product/s to us
We ship the delivery to you

In Corona times, our delivery routines look a little different than usual and the delivery time is 7-14 days

In order to make the whole Digital Comics Fair work and at the same time prevent the spread of infection, we don’t keep a full stock at Hybriden as we usually do. We order the products afterwards a bit larger batch than we normally would. This means a little longer delivery times, but it protects you, the exhibitors who send their products to us and us who handle and ship the products to you.

When a product is marked as SOLD OUT, it does not necessarily mean that it won’t be back in stock, only that we have to check if the exhibitor has more copies available. Enter your email address and you will be notified when/if it’s back in stock again.

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