Mattias Elftorp

As a writer/artist, he often leans toward postapocalypse and worlds where all the old rules are dead and we can go in any direction. It’s a fiction of hope to contrast a harsh reality that also often seems to be moving toward postapocalypse, just not in the good way. In the current environment, between the pandemic, the police state and the climate catastrophe, he tries to find a space to function, to create and to live. He makes comics as both reminder and escape; Piracy is Liberation, The Troll, Me & my Daddy & Zlatan and a bunch of other stories in varying length, form and level of collaboration with others.
Active in Tusen Serier, Wormgod, CBK and Hybriden. Organizer of the AltCom festival and working with Fanzineverkstaden (the zine workshop) in Malmö.